Thursday, July 2, 2015

This is me.

We are having another slow day at work so I figured it would be a good time to write another post. I have so many thoughts jumbled in my head and it’s usually pretty easy for me to write them out. For some reason, everything I can think of writing about seems so lame.
It’s crazy how much has changed since my last real post and how much actually hasn’t changed too.
I recently moved out. I didn’t move far, only about 20 minutes away from my parents. And can I just say it is crazy how much freedom I have recently gained? Living at home, I didn’t have rules (other than the fact that I had to help around the house and I didn’t get to choose if I waited to load the dishes) I did my own thing. I am a pretty good girl and I’ve never had a curfew or a desire to be rebellious.
My parents have always been pretty chill with me because they got a LOT of experience with my older sister and I am an angel compared to her. So when I actually moved out, I felt like life wouldn’t be much different. Boy was I wrong.
In the last year of living on my own, I have been lucky [or unlucky] enough to go through multiple different roommates. When I say different, I don’t mean just different girls. I mean different from one extreme to the other.  I’ve had great roommates, some not so great roommates, and one really horrible roommate. But you know what? I could list something positive about each one of them.

I’ve made friends.
I’ve made memories.
I’ve even made messes in the kitchen and not cleaned up until the next day. J
I’ve learned the true meaning of patience.
I’ve learned that everyone is different and that is okay.
I’ve learned to step outside of my comfort zone. 

Most importantly.. living on my own, I’m learning ME.

I’m figuring out who Shay is.
What Shay likes. 
What Shay wants.
I’ve learned that I love art.
I like to draw.
I like music.
I like playing the piano.
I like to run.
I’m (VERY) slowly learning that it is possible to even like myself.
And if that’s all I focus on for now, I am completely okay with that.

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