Friday, December 11, 2015

A very lengthly post about guns, religion and the opinion of a [not so typical] Mormon girl.

Over the last week, the amount of opinion on Facebook has been quite spectacular.
From guns,
to Obama,
to Religion
and Trump.

I’ve watched post after post say something about someone or about this and that.
And I am about to jump on board.

First off, I am not a believer of whole “Everything happens for a reason” idea.
I never have been, I never will be.
Do people make choices that have consequences that effect more than just themselves? Yes.
Can we learn, grow and even become better by experiencing tragedy and going through trials? Yes.
Do certain things that happen in our lives, put us on the right road or “path” to reach our goals and overall destinations? Yes.

But is it necessary for those things to be horrible and tragic in order for us to move forward and continue living?

As of 2015, there have been over 350 mass shooting/attacks in America.
Because 350 is a high number of shootings to focus on, I did some research. I was able to track down some information on the top ten 'worst' shootings as far as how many people were shot, where the shooting took place, what and how many weapons were used, etc.

Lets look at some statistics of these 10 shootings: (2012-present)
10 shootings-
11 shooters-
6 White "Christian" men-
(James Holmes- Aurora CO, Adam Lanza- Newtown CT, John Zawanri- Santa Monica CA, Dylann Roof- Charleston SC, Robert Dear- Colorado Springs CO)
3 Indian "Muslim' men/women
(Syed Farook- San Bernardino CA, Tashfee Malik- San Bernardino CA, Mohammed Aboluizeez- Chattnooga TN)
1 Black "Christian" man
(Aaron Alexis- Washington DC)

1 White "Muslim" man
(Chris Mercer- Roseburg Or) 


Some of these shootings involved Military personell. 
Men who had been trained to kill.  
Men who had access to weapons.

Some of these shootings involved children.
Innocent, scared and confused.

All of these shootings involved

So tell me, why are the two solutions to these mass shootings and attacks 
Ban all guns!
Kick out all Muslims!

Please explain to me why one race, or one religion or even one weapon is to blame?

I've grown up in Utah.
I've lived quite a sheltered, naïve life.
I am a [not so typical] Mormon girl/Christian.
Nothing bothers me more than when a 'Mormon' does something '"bad" and it makes the news and I am automatically tied to it because I am also Mormon. I get why it happens, I really do! But if you know me well, you know that I try to be a very open minded individual. I don't always agree with everything the "Mormons" do or teach. I am still proud to be a Latter Day Saint and I will never hide the fact that I am. But along with being Mormon...
I am Caucasian.
I am a college student.
I am 24 years old.

4 out of the 10 of the shooters listed above are within my age by 1-2 years.
6 out of the 10 of the shooters listed above are Christian, like me.
7 out of the 10 of the shooters listed above are Caucasian, like me.
3 out of the 10 of the shooters listed above were college students, like me.

So yes, lets ban all guns!
Lets kick all Muslims out of America because of what a group of Muslims have done!
While we are at it, lets get rid of the Christians, the Caucasians, Men, Women, Guns.

HELL, lets get rid of the human race altogether.

You see, TO ME...these shootings aren't about guns.
They're not about what religion you are,
what race you are,
whether you agree with someone or not!

Yes, all of the things mentioned above have a large impact on people and the choices they make.
These shootings are happening because the number of 'armed jackasses' outnumber the 'non-armed jackasses' 5:1 and banning guns will only increase this ratio in the wrong way.
These shootings are happening because the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. And the good guys are being profiled based on LOOKS and RELIGION.
These shootings are happening because the "bad guys" behind the guns have no value for any form of LIFE regardless of what their religion or their skin color is.

They're happening because there is absolutely nothing we, the government, or any other organization can do to prevent them! No entity can do anything meaningful (more than is presently being done) to stop a disaffected person hell-bent on committing a shooting.

Its time to wake up, people!

Buy a gun, protect yourself and your family!
Do guns make you uncomfortable? Don't buy one.
Love God! Pray for peace and comfort.
Don't believe in God? Don't think prayer works? Don't do it.
Engage others. Don't isolate people. Teach your children the value of life and what a wonderful thing it can be!

I know this is just a bunch of rambling. I know there will be people that don't agree with me.

To the man that I over heard saying "We need to kill all Muslims and get them out of the US.":
I sure as HELL hope when your child gets cancer, is involved in a horrific accident or gets sick with pneumonia and needs to be hospitalized.. that you don't expect help from the Muslim Pediatric Oncologist, The Muslim Critical Care specialist or the Muslim nurse that all would give your child the best care possible regardless of what the media is saying about their religion.

To the woman that said "We would be better off if we could get rid of guns and Muslims altogether." on facebook, let me know how it goes when you need assistance from a police officer, who happens to be Muslim AND has to defend you and your family with the gun he carries.

And to the group of kids blaming the "red neck, gun toting morons and all of their pro gun talk" for these shootings, I happen to have quite a few friends that own guns. And not only would they take a bullet before you... but they would take a bullet FOR you.

They wouldn't go down without a fight.


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