Thursday, July 9, 2015

Its okay, even the sky cries sometimes.

Last week, a little boy in my parents neighborhood was hit and killed by a car.

The driver of the car wasn’t speeding. He wasn’t texting and wasn’t distracted in any way.

A football practice consisting of 8-9th grade boys was just ending, and the young boys leaving the practice happened to whiteness the entire accident.

The distraught mom of this little boy was only feet away as her young son was struck by the car, and her cries could be heard from the Jr high across the street.

Although efforts to save the boy were put forth, he was pronounced dead at the scene cradled in the arms of his mom.

 His name was Cole.
 He was 3 years old.

A few days later at Cole’s funeral, the church was full of family, friends, neighbors and strangers coming to show their support for this family. Seated in the congregation was the group of Jr. High football players, dressed in their football jerseys.

On the front row, Cole’s family sat with the man who accidentally took their little boy’s life.
Not only was Cole’s family sitting with this man, but they were surrounding him with nothing but love, peace and warmth.

 7 months ago I started working at a bank in Springville. During my first week of work, I met a lady who not only was hilarious and fun to be around but also has a love for Harry Potter. After a week of working with this lady, I noticed how lucky I was to have met her. We quickly realized how much we had in common and we became friends really fast.

3 weeks ago today, this friend found out she had fluid in her lung. After a few weeks of having some funky symptoms and a couple of doctor’s appointments later, this woman was told she would have to take a few months off of work in order for her to get completely better. Although I was sad that my ‘Harry Potter Loving’ buddy wouldn’t be at work with me every day, I was happy with the idea of her finally feeling better. So, after a quick goodbye was made, it was decided that we would get some lunch or drinks and catch up soon. Sadly, none of this actually happened.

A short time after she left work, she got more sick. Her symptoms increased and she realized that things may be more serious than she thought. Another trip to the doctor and after some more tests, it was determined that the fluid was actually a blood clot.

I would love to say that the blood clot got better and shortly after, she returned to work. But that is not the case.

Yesterday, this friend was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, with a terminal outcome and no treatment options.

Along with the cancer in her lungs, it was found in her brain.

In the last 24 hours (after a surgery or two and a stroke as well) she has become less alert and she is unable to communicate.

Today her family was told she may not make it to tonight.

Today I am feeling what a broken heart truly feels like.

I'm realizing the value of friendship and how quickly things can change.
Tonight I'm going to hug my family a lot tighter and love my friends a lot more.
Tonight I'm learning to add meaning to my life.
As sad as I am, and as depressing as life can seem.. I'm counting my blessings.

I am trying really really hard to see the positive.
I'm realizing how lucky I am to be healthy and happy.
And to have a family and friends with the same things.
I'm realizing how much I love my work family and the bonds that we have together.

Tonight, a family is grieving the loss of their 3 year old son, brother, and child. They are also showing the world that life goes on but that its OK to be sad. They have shown me what true forgiveness is. They're teaching me a whole new meaning of love.

Tonight another family is at the bedside of they're mother, sister, and daughter and they are prepping their selves for the worst.

Tonight will end.
Tomorrow will come.
And it's up to me (and you) to make the best of it while we still can.

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The Weed said...

Beautiful post--excellent writing. Sorry you're experiencing this loss.